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   Livia Constantinescu was born and raised in Roumania, at the age of 13 she moved with her family to Montreal, Canada. 

   Ever since she was young she was fascinated with animated cartoons from the likes of Disney to the Japanese animated series Sailor Moon.


    She used to pause the movies on her VCR to draw the frame shown on the screen. She aspired to be an animator at Disney.


    She went into the industry of finance and distanced herself from her creative side. After moving to Cayman she fell in love with the beautiful landscapes and colours of the ocean. 


    She began painting on the beach. After friends, family and passerby's complimented her on her work she has begun to refine her talent.


    Livia is touched that her art can affect people around the world. Painting and creating is more than a hobby to her, it is her passion, ever since she was a little girl in Romania.

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 Livia Constantinescu Fine Art

Acrylic, Watercolor and Oil Artist 

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